Semis & Finals

4/14 results
AC 97 PE 90   Marcus Houghton had 40, Tony Houghton 14 and Joe 13 for AC; Brandon Battles and Devin Stephens had 22 each for Pe nad Kier had 16
CR 98 SJF 93  Greg Foster had 28, Mark Gates 20, Geno Bianco and Justin Bergman 15 for Cr; Andy Tressler had 30 and Nate Wojiechowksi 25 for SJF

Mark Gates of CR got the Sportsmanship Award before the game.
AC 101 CR 95-  It was a great championship game as CR came all the way back to within one point at 96-95 before Marcus Houghton
hit some key free throws at the end to pull it out for AC.  Mark Gates had 36 points, including the key jumper to bring CR within one point inside of a minute left.  Geno Bianco also had 25 for CR.  Marcus Houghton got the MVP Award with 23 points as he hit the key points down the stretch and also got AC off to a big lead in the first half.  Reese also had 22 points for AC and Shahif had 15.  The championship turned out to be one of the better ones with the great comeback by CR.

Only one person showed up for the All-Star Game- Steve Reyes of :LCP.  But we had enough to do a three-point contest.  Steve Reyes won the three-point contest this year.  We had a nice lunch catered by Mohan’s and a cake to celebrate the 125th anniversary of basketball as well as the league.

Thanks everyone for being a part of the league.  We had a great season.