Championship and All Star Games – April 16th

We will have our championship at 10 am and the All-Star Game at noon. Please pick one or two players to come to the All-Star Game
so we have enough players. We hope to have teams 1(PE), 3(LCP), 5(CR), 7(NC), 9(FC) and 11(BP) play against teams 2(SJF), 4(DG),
6(AC), 8(SMZ) and 10(GB), The first set of teams(1-11) will be the East and wear white shirts and the other set of teams will wear black shirts and be the West. Try to remember to bring a white shirt or a black shirt so we can all wear the same shirt.
We will have the three-point shootout and the dunk contest afterwards and will also have a cake to celebrate the 125th anniversary of basketball as well as some food for a good lunch. We hope to have a nice celebration to conclude the season.
Please spread the word to your team members. We hope to have a decent turnout for the championship and All-Star Game.
Thanks and God bless.
Thanks for being part of the league. It’s been an awesome season.