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May 4th, 2024 Updates (Championship)

FC 103 StE 92- Rob Sims of FC poured in 32 points, Kison 22, Shaq Hager 21 and Jordan 17 as FC defeated the two-time defending champions. Breeze Williams lead the defending champs with 27 points, Jake B had 16, Tim P had 15 and John had 14. It was a well-played game and a fitting ending to the season. Unfortunately, Paul McQueen, last season’s championship game MVP, was not at the game. The fourth place team won the championship for one of the few times in our history as they beat both the first seed and the second seed. Congrats to Friendship for their first ever championship and also congrats to StE for a great season as well. Rob Sims of FC won the MVP for his 32-point effort but it was a tough choice between him, Shaq, Jordan and Kison. All of them played a huge part with big buckets and great defense. Jordan of FC got the Leadership Award for doing a lot of the little things to help his team win. Thank you everyone for a great season and we look forward to our 40th campaign next January. Have a great offseason and we’ll see you next year!

May 2, 2024 Updates

FC 104 DG 74– Rob 35, Kison 27, Jordan 15, Shaq 14 and KJ 9 for FC; Jon W 23, Cam S 19, and Gage McCracken 16 for DG

StE 101 GB 92– Tim P 38, Kordell 19, Paul McQueen 17, and Breeze William 14 for StE; Hunter B 43. Nick Ranallo 21, and Austin 12 for GB

April 27, 2024 Updates

GB 97 MOBC 87–Hunter Bagiatis had 40, Austin 20, and Nick Ranallo 17 for GB; Jaymir Jackson had 20, Feik and MJ had 15 each, Dante Kerney 12, and Tone 9 for MOBC

Before the game, Hunter Bagiatis got the scoring crown trophy for leading the league in scoring with 48.0 ppg. He scored 576 points in 12 games during the regular season. Greg joked that he just missed matching Wilt Chamberlain’s 50.4 average from the 1962 NBA season. Congrats to Hunter for an outstanding year and we wish you well in the rest of the playoffs!

DG 127 NP 97–Gage McCracken had 34, Cam S 27, Jon White 19, Alex D 17Josh Duda 12 and Lew McCracken 9 for DG; Luke 35, Aiden 24, Ben and Jared 11 each for NP

StE 103 LCP 92– Breeze Williams 25, Jake Bronder 18, Paul McQueen 16, Kordell 13, Jamaal and Tim P 12 each; Meech 29, Josh Reading 18, Bradley Babuscio 17, Jt Houck 14 and Kenny Scott 10 for LCP

Before the game, Josh Reading got the Sportsmanship trophy for his positive attitude and his helpfulness with the league. Congrats Josh!

FC 92 AC 90(OT)- Rob had 30, Jordan 20, Shaq and Kison 15 each for FC; Marcus Smith had 42, Tae and Tony had 14 each for AC

For the second week in a row, the last game of the day went into overtime! It was a great game and congrats to both teams for a well-played contest.

Although we had many lower seeded teams win in the first round, the second round brought the top four seeds into our final four.

Here is the semifinal schedule

7 #1(DG) vs #4(FC)
8:30 #2(StE) vs #3(GB)

April 20, 2024 Playoff Updates

#3(GB) 122 #14(BP) 64– Hunter B 48, Nick R 28, Ryan Abel 20 and Jimmer Roemer 16 for GB; Kobe 31, Kevin 16 and Cody 15 for BP

#12(NP) 100 #5(St Nicholas) 88–Luk 30, Aiden 28, Jordan Buchanich and Jared 15 each for NP; Kyle 24, Sven 23, Joip 21 and Darko 14 for St Nicholas

#8(AC) 109 #9(QA) 97–Marcus Smith 36, Sean Watkins 20, Tae 19 and Tony Houghton 16 for AC; Manny 30, Joe D 22, Jp Pellis 12 and Justin Emmert 11 for QA

#4(FC) 116 #13(RMBC) 83–Rob 54, Kison 30, Shaq Hager 11 and Mason Whitely 10 for FC; Tybre Wright had 19, Manny, David and Tone had 12 each, Jamin had 10 for RMBC

#10(MOBC) 112 #7(GL) 80–Jaymir 31, Tone 18, Feik 15, MJ 14, Rob 12 and Dante Kerney 10 for MOBC; Cody B 24, Mike Asti and Gasol 18 each, Fox 17 for GL

#(11) LCP 135 #6(CR) 133 (3OT)– Meech 31, JT Houck 27, Luke Sherer 23, Josh Reading 17, Bradley Babuscio 15, Kenny Scott 11 for LCP; Geno Bianco 42, Mark Gates 35, Greg Foster 27 and Ben Mahtani 25 for CR
This was a thrilling game. As far as I can remember we have never had a triple OT game, especially in the playoffs. In our first season, Beulah beat First Reformed in double overtime for the championship. As they always say, “It’s a shame someone had to lose this game.” Geno just missed tying it up at the buzzer with a layup attempt that fell short.

Playoff Update

If St Nicholas wins Thursday night

830 #3(GB) vs #14(BP)
10 #5(St Nicholas) vs #12(NP)
1130 #9(QA) vs #9(GL)
1 #4(FC) vs #13(RMBC)
230 #7(AC) vs #10(MOBC)
4 #6(CR) vs #11(LCP)

If GL wins Thursday night
830 #3(GB) vs #14(BP)
10 #5(St Nicholas) vs #12(NP)
1130 #8(AC) vs #9(QA)
1 #4(FC) vs #13(RMBC)
230 #7(GL) vs #10(MOBC)
4 #6(CR) vs #11(LCP)

Here is the rundown on the tiebreakers, which is head to head. DG has tiebreaker over StE; GB over FC; CR over AC; QA over GL; CR over GL; GL over AC. Naturally, certain tiebreakers only come into play when one or the other team wins.

10 DG vs lowest remaining seed
1130 StE vs second lowest remaining seed

5/2 Semifinals

5/4 Championship
time and opponents to be determined