(1)StE 90 (5)CR 82– Ryan Cherry 22, Paul McQueen 21, Breeze Williams 18, and Tim Planisis 13 for StE; Mark Gates 27, Joe Wright 15, Gary E 14, And Greg Foster 13 for CR

Before the game, Breeze Williams received the George Gervin Award as the scoring champion for his 38.08 average. Hunter B of Grace Baptist finished second with a 36.18 average. Gage McCracken finished third at 32.91. Congratulations to all these great shooters. A more detailed list of the top ten scorers will be put on the website soon

(3)DG 91 (2)FC 89–Gage McCracken and Josh Duda had 25 each, Jon White 19 and Alex Dennison 10 for DG; Jordan 19, Evan Schell 16, Turk 15, and Isaiah Reeves 14 doe FC

Before this game, Evan Schell received the Sportsmanship Award for his sportsmanlike character while scoring at a 26.25 ppg himself. Commissioner Spalding presented Gage McCracken with the George Gervin Award for 2022 because of a calculation error he made last year as he lead the league in scoring in our spring league last year with a 30.8 average. The commissioner joked before the game that he wanted to have an overtime and he almost got his wish as a player for FC missed a crucial foul shot with one second left and time ran out.

StE 122 DG 85– Paul McQueen 47, Breeze Williams 35, Tim Plansinis 14, Jayson Williams and Jamal Anderson 12 each for StE; Jon White 19, Gage McCracken 18, Josh Duda 17, and Alex Dennison 11 for DG

Paul McQueen won the MVP Award for the championship game as he poured in 47 points. His point total stands as the third most in Big Parkway East Championship Game history behind Bobby Robinson of Allegheny Center and Justin Felt of Cornerstone(now known as DG) with 54 points each and Nate Wojiechowski(Wojo) with 52.


StE 109 DG 95- Eric Breeze had 40, Tim Planisis had 27, Jake Bronder 18, and Paul McQueen 16 for StE; Gage McCracken had 24, Josh Duda 20, Jon 18, and Andy Carter had 12 for DG

CR 89 Fr 64- Nick Miller had 46, and Greg Foster 14, and Ben Mahtani 11 for CR: Turk had 19, Isaiah 13 and KJ 11 for FR

StE 122 CR 97- Breeze 30, Tim Planisis 28, Kordell 19, Jake B 17, Paul McQueen 16 and Ryan Cherry 12 for StE; Nick Miller 26, Mark Gates 21, Geno Bianco 14, Ben Mahtani 12 and Joe Wright 10 for CR

After the game, Eric Breeze won the MVP for scoring thirty points, collecting many important assists and playing strong defense. We all learned after the game that Eric was a teammate of DeJuan Blair’s at Schenley.

It was previously reported that Breeze Williams was the scoring champion, however, after further review and recount, Gage McCracken has been crowned the scoring champion with a 30.8 ppg average, narrowly edging out Breeze Williams who finished 2nd with 30.0 ppg.

Congratulations Gage!


COVID – No season.


COVID ended the season early.



STE 112 AC 98
Tim Planisis 26, Jamaal Anderson 22, Kordell Thompson 21, Ryan Cherry 19 and Jayson Williams 18 for StE
Shahif Wellons 30, Sean 29, and Joe Oliver 22 for AC

CR 110 PE 79
Nick Miller 37, Geno Bianco 20, Greg Foster 19 , Mark Gates 15 and Joe Wright 10 for Cr;
Paul McQueen 20, Kaseem Bey and Devin Stephens 16 each, and Brandon Battles 10


Crossroads 83 St Elizabeth 61
Nick Miller 42, Geno Bianco 18, Greg Foster 14 and Joe Wright 11 for CR
Jake Bronder 14, Tim Planisis 13 and Kordell Thompson 10 for StE

For the second time in three years, these two teams met in the championship game.
Nick Miller won the MVP with his 42-points as he hit both long threes and drives to the hoop.

Stan Teprovich of St Elizabeth got the Sportsmanship Award.


Semifinals: DG 102 SJF 83 – Andy Carter had 32, Matt Palo 29, Gage McCracken 13 and Alex 11 for DG; Nate Wojo had 39, Ray 16 and Nick 15 for SJF

AC 87 StE 78- Marcus Smith had 25, Bryan Spriggs 18, Sean 17, Reese 11 and Shahif 10 for AC; Tim Plasinis 19 and Jake Bronder 17 for StE

Championship: AC 105 DG 90-  Marcus Smith 28, Bryan Spriggs 16, Damian Davenport and Bobby Robinson 13 each, Shahif 12 and Sean 11 for AC;  Matt Palo 35, Gage McCracken and Justin Felt 15 each for DG

It was a rematch of one of the frequent matchups in Big Parkway East history, as DG, formerly Cornerstone, and AC met once again in the championship.  DG dominated the early going and lead much of the game.  AC then rallied and took control of the game.  It was an intense game, just like all the other meetings between the two teams.  Damian Davenport won the MVP for the game because he scored his 13 points in the late part of the game when DG attempted to rally.  Congratulations to both Lew McCracken and his team and Joe Oliver and his squad for getting to the championship.

Scoring Leader: Matt Palo of DG won the scoring title with a 30.11 ppg while Nate Wojciechowski finished second at 27.0.


Semifinals: CR 80 PE 72. Geno Bianco had 24, Jon Gubish 21, Greg Foster 13 and George Banes 12 for CR; Brandon Battles had 20, Davon Brooks 18 Devin Stephens 14 and Jared 12 for PE
StE 77 AC 67 Jake Bronder had 20, Ryan Cherry 18 and Tim P had 14 for StE; Tony Houghton had 21 and Joe 10 for AC

Before the game Joe from AC won the Sportsmanship Award for his support of the league through his prayers, his friendship and his help with getting the new backboards.

Championship: Crossroads 65 St. Elizabeth 55
It was a low-scoring game as CR lead 36-31 at halftime.  It was a good matchup of two great passing teams and was well worth watching.
James Beadle scored 25, Geno Bianco had 23 and Greg Foster had 13 for Crossroads.  James Beadle won the MVP because he hit some key three-pointers in the first half and the key free throws down the stretch as StE tried to foul and get back in the game.
Jake Bronder had 16 while Tim P and Kordell each had 12 for St Elizabeth.

Scoring Leader: Nate Wojciechowski (St. John Fisher) 34.5 ppg. James Beadle (Crossroads) 30.3.


Semifinals: (6) ACAC beat (5) Pittsburgh East 97-90. (5) Crossroads beat (2) St. John Fisher 98-93.

Championship: ACAC beat Crossroads 101-95. Mark Gates had 36 points, including the key jumper to bring CR within one point inside of a minute left. Geno Bianco also had 25 for CR. Marcus Houghton got the MVP Award with 23 points as he hit the key points down the stretch and also got AC off to a big lead in the first half. Reese also had 22 points for AC and Shahif had 15

Scoring Leader: Nate Wojciechowski (St. John Fisher) 31.42 ppg.


Semifinals: (1) St. John Fisher beat (5) Pittsburgh East 97-86. (3) Crossroads beat (2) ACAC 110-92.

Championship: Crossroads beat St. John Fisher 111-100. Greg Foster had 35, Danny Dipasquale had 32, and Mark Gates had 30 for Crossroads. Nate Wojiechowski led all scorers with 52 points and Andy Tressler had 29 for St. John Fisher.

Scoring Leader: Brett Young (Grace Baptist) 34 ppg.


Semifinals: Pittsburgh East beat Crossroads 84-75. Hampton Bible Chapel beat Allegheny County Alliance Church 100-98.

Championship: Pittsburgh East beat Hampton Bible Chapel 99-69.