April 22, 2023 Championship Update

StE 122 DG 85– Paul McQueen 47, Breeze Williams 35, Tim Plansinis 14, Jayson Williams and Jamal Anderson 12 each for StE; Jon White 19, Gage McCracken 18, Josh Duda 17, and Alex Dennison 11 for DG

Paul McQueen won the MVP Award for the championship game as he poured in 47 points. His point total stands as the third most in Big Parkway East Championship Game history behind Bobby Robinson of Allegheny Center and Justin Felt of Cornerstone(now known as DG) with 54 points each and Nate Wojiechowski(Wojo) with 52.

April 20, 2023 Updates

(1)StE 90 (5)CR 82– Ryan Cherry 22, Paul McQueen 21, Breeze Williams 18, and Tim Planisis 13 for StE; Mark Gates 27, Joe Wright 15, Gary E 14, And Greg Foster 13 for CR

Before the game, Breeze Williams received the George Gervin Award as the scoring champion for his 38.08 average. Hunter B of Grace Baptist finished second with a 36.18 average. Gage McCracken finished third at 32.91. Congratulations to all these great shooters. A more detailed list of the top ten scorers will be put on the website soon

(3)DG 91 (2)FC 89–Gage McCracken and Josh Duda had 25 each, Jon White 19 and Alex Dennison 10 for DG; Jordan 19, Evan Schell 16, Turk 15, and Isaiah Reeves 14 doe FC

Before this game, Evan Schell received the Sportsmanship Award for his sportsmanlike character while scoring at a 26.25 ppg himself. Commissioner Spalding presented Gage McCracken with the George Gervin Award for 2022 because of a calculation error he made last year as he lead the league in scoring in our spring league last year with a 30.8 average. The commissioner joked before the game that he wanted to have an overtime and he almost got his wish as a player for FC missed a crucial foul shot with one second left and time ran out.

Championship 1pm (1)StE vs (3)DG- This should be a great game. Come on out if you would like to watch some great basketball.

April 15, 2023 Updates

(3)DG 113 (6) LCP 101–Alex Dennison 25, Josh Duda 24, Gage McCracken 21, Mikw Mervis 18 and Jon White 15 for DG; Justin Palaschak 27, Floyd Means(Squirt) 21, Bradley Babuscio and Kenny Gault 16 each, Josh Reading 13 for LCP

(1)StE 67 (8)QA 57– Ryan Cherry 12, Jamaal 11 for StE; Neal McDermott 16, Zach W 14 and Jake 11 for QA

(2)FC 89 (7)GB 85– Isaiah Reeves 19, Shaq Hager 18, Jordan 17, Evan Schell 15 and Mason Whitley 11 for FC; Hunter B 30, Ryan Abel and Austin W 15 for GB

(5)CR 81 (4)AC 76–Geno Bianco 21, Greg Foster 17, Joe Wright 15, Elohim J 10 for CR; Marcus Smith 30, Shahif Wellons 12 for AC

St Elizabeth got to pick their time preference as the first seed so they picked 7pm. They play the lowest remaining seed.

7pm (1)StE vs 5(CR)
830 pm (2)FC vs (3)DG

4/22 Winners will play for the title time TBA TBD

Playoffs 2023

Beaulah will play Queen of Angels in a 1 game play-in game on April 13th. The winner will face the #1 seed, St. Elizabeth.

April 15th schedule
8:30am – #3 Diocese of Greensburg vs #6 Life Church Pittsburgh
10:00am – #1 St. Elizabeth vs #8 Winner of BP/QA
11:30am – #2 Friendship vs #7 Grace Baptist
1:00pm – #4 ACAC vs #5 Crossroads

Note: ACAC and Greensburg split the regular season so Greensburg takes the tiebreaker on point differential. Crossroads beat LCP twice in the regular season so Crossroads wins the tiebreak. Grace Baptist beat Queen of Angels in their only regular season meeting so they get the tiebreak.