January 26, 2023 Updates

LCP 115 AC 81– Bradley Babuscio had 33, Josh Reading 25, and Squirt and Sherer 15 for LCP; Tony Houghton 22, Mike McCarthy 21, Joe Oliver 14 and Shahif 12 for AC

DG 107 CR 88— Josh Duda and Gage McCracken 26, Jon White 18, Alex Denniston 15, and Collin 10 for DG; Greg Foster 30, Ben Mahtani 28, and Elohim 19 for CR

Just for information, Mike from AC was suspended for one game due to persistent foul language. Please watch your language. Thanks guys.

January 21, 2023 Updates

CR 101 GB 96- Geno Bianco 32, Ben Mahtani 23, Mark Gates 20 and Elo Jackson 16 for CR; Hunter Bagiatis 45, Ryan Abel 32 and Nick Koten 12 for GB

AC 83 FC 76- Marcus Smith 24, Mike McCarthy 20, and Sean Watkins 15 for AC; Evan 22, Zay 15, Dylan 13 and Johnny 11 for FC

StE 114 DG 73- Breeze Williams 42, Jake B and Ryan Cherry 18 each, Kordell Thompson 14, Tim Planisis 11 for StE; Jonathan White 19 and Alex Dennison 15

LCP 114 BP 61- Josh Reading and Bradley Babuscio had 19 each, Squirt had 12, and Dunlap 10 for LCP; Jasmine Hollins had 19, Cody Kramer 18 and Jalen Hollins 10 for BP

January 19, 2023 Updates

STE 138 GB 83- Breeze Williams 69, Tim Planisis 16, Ryan Cherry 14, and Jake B 10 for StE; Hunter 47 for GB

Breeze’s 69 ties him with Nate Wojciechowski for the second-most points ever scored in our league. The all-time record is 73 by Sean Knapp of New Kensington Baptist in 1988.

CR 104 BP 68- Elo Jackson had 36, Ben Mahtani 25, Greg Foster 22, Joe Wright 13, and Mark Gates 11 for CR; Jasmine Hollins 24, Cody Kramer 19 and Chuck Ponder 10 for BP

January 14, 2023 Updates

AC 105 GB 96- Marcus Smith had 29 points, Sean Watkins 26, Joe Oliver 20 and Shahif Wellons 14 for AC; Hunter Bagiatis 29, Ryan Abel 22, Nick Ranallo 20 and Austin 12 for GB

DG 133 BP 91- Gage McCracken 41, Alex Dennison 26, Jonathan White 22, Lew McCracken 21, and Mike Mervis 12 for DG; Jasmine Hollins 51, Jalen Hollins 11 and Cody Kramer 10 for BP

StE 105 LCP 95- Breeze Williams 36, Paul McQueen and Jake B 17 each, Kordell Thompson 14 for StE; Josh Reading and Justin Palasuchak 27 each, and Luke Scherer 13 for LCP

FC 100 QA 86- KJ 26, Mason Whitley 23, Shaquille Hagar and Zay 18 each for FC; Neal McDermott 24, Zachary Waszyn 14, Kevin 12 and JP 10 for QA

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