Playoffs Updates April 7th, 2018

#6(PE) 70   #11(SMZ) 51-  Devin 16, Brandon 14, Davon 13 aand Jared 10 for PE;  David Williams 15, Brandon Harvey 12 and Tyler Batts 11 for SMZ
GB 82 FC 64-  NickRanallo 42, Jim Roemer 15, David Demateo 11 and Nick K 10 for GB; Norris 21, Mike Davis 13 and Jeriah 11 for FC
NH 93 NC 90-  Nate Morton and Bobby Bush 21 each, Kenny Gault 18, John Tamsetti 15 and Brad B 12 for NH;  Kevin had 35, Ben 25, Henry Wang 16 for NC
CR 103 BP 83  Geno Bianco 40, Greg Foster 21, Justin Bergman 17, Kory 10 for CR; Cody Kramer 26,Mason Murray 19 and Bryan P 10 for BP
Thanks so much for being a part of the league.  I will miss all the teams that lost in the first round  I look forward to seeing you back next year.
Good luck to all the winners who will now move on to play the top four seeds.  Here are the matchups for Saturday,
We had some good games Saturday and we look forward to more great games this Saturday,  Our Final Four is going to be better than the NCAA version!

9:15 #4(SJF) vs #5(CR)
10:45 #3(StE) vs #6(PE)
12  #1(DG) vs #8(NH)
1:30 #2(AC) vs #7(GB)

Good luck to everyone the rest of the way.  We have some great matchups this coming Saturday!  We’ll see you at the gym.  I hope some players from the other teams will show up to watch because it will be a lot of fun.