Playoff Schedule


It’s hard to believe our March Madness will start this Saturday.  I believe our Final Four will be much more exciting than the NCAA version.
Those last three games of the NCAA were not very fun to watch.  I enjoy watching all our teams and players play and I’m looking forward to some great matchups starting this Saturday.  Here is Saturday’s schedule.
We will reseed after each but here is our first round!  Good luck to everyone and thanks so much for being a part of the league.  It’s been a great season!

9:15 #6(PE) vs #11(SMZ)
10:45 #7(GB) vs #10(FC)
12 #8(NH) vs #9(NC)
1:30 #5(CR) vs #12(BP)
New Hope and GB had the same record but GB had the tiebreaker because they beat them in their only meeting.  All the other places
were more clear because of record and winning percentage

4/14 Quarterfinals
Seeds 1-4 will enter the playoffs and matchup against their appropriate seeds.
9:15  TBD
10:45 TBD
12 TBD
1:30 TBD

4/19 Semifinals
6:30 TBD

10AM Championship- We will tentatively have a three-point shootout and a dunk context for those who are interested after the

Good luck and God bless.