Playoff Update

March 27th- this is the only makeup date we have if the coaches want to do it. Some might want to make up gamesĀ and others might want to rest. Let me know.

The two most important makeup games would be AC vs SJF which was cancelled due to Joe’s wedding andĀ the NC-SMZ game. Demetrius, Mark, Dave and Ben let me know if you want to play those makeups or not asap so we can get the refs set up.

March 29th- First round of playoffs- 5th through 12th seeds play and 1-4 has byes.

April 3rd- All-Star Game, shootout, dunk etc.

April 5th Second Round of playoffs- First through fourth plays the appropriate remaining seeds

April 10th Semifinals

April 12th Championship and possible lunch

Also let me know who is interested in going with Sports Ambassadors on a missionary basketball team to Guatemala this summer.

Can you believe the season is almost history? It goes so fast. I look forward to seeing everyone at the gym