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April 10th Updates

6:45 HBC 100 AC 98– Mike Rairigh had 34 points, Brandon Elliott 31 and Matt Brunck 22 for HBC; Gil had 32 points, Shahif 20 and Demetrius 16 for AC

8- PE 84 CR 75- Brandon Battles had 27 points and Davon Brooks 17 for PE; Geno Bianco had 42 and Greg Foster 21 for CR

April 5th Updates

9:15 (#1)CR 88 (#9)FC 60- Greg Foster had 29 and Geno Bianco 26 for CR; Jeriah McMillan had 14 and Norris 12 for FC;

10:45- (#7)PE 73 (#2)SMZ 70- Devin and Brian had 19 and Jeff Fisher 14 for PE; T. Stosh had 28 and Brandon Harvey 21 for SMZ

12- HBC 92 SJF 65- Brian Clements had 29, B. Elliott 19 and Matt Brunck 17 for HBC; Andy Tressler had 21, Greg K had 19 and Brian 14 for SJF

1:30- AC 96 DG 84- Brian had 28, Gil 27 and Shahif 17 for AC; Justin Felt had 30 and Gage McCracken 23 for DG

Semifinals on 4/10

6:45 (#3) HBC vs (#5)AC
8 (#1) CR vs (#7) PE

Championship on 4/12
10 am Championship
12 noon- catered lunch with guest speaker former NL baseball umpire Scott Grinder
to celebrate our 30 years- please let Greg know by email( or by phone or text(412-436-6907) if you can come so he can order the correct amount of food and have enough tables etc.

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PLAYED IN THE LEAGUE THIS YEAR! It was a great year of fellowship of the roundball!
God bless you all! I hope to see most of you at the lunch but if you’re not able to make it, have a great offseason and we hope to see you for season #31!

All Star Night

The East team(made up of Ben Mahtani from NC, Quinzale Taylor from FC, George Banes from CR and Alex from DG) defeated the West team(made up of Greg Spalding from BP, justin Felt from DG, Jeriah McMillan from FC and Nick from DG) 132-103 in a shootout. The two stars of the game were Ben Mahtani who scored 55 points with 17 three-pointers and George Banes who tallied 12 three-pointers. It was a fun game. Next year, please consider being a part of the All-Star Game as it’s a great time of fellowship since you get to play with players you don’t get to play with normally.

In the three-point shootout, we had 8 contestants. In the first round, Jeriah, George and Justin had 7, Greg had 6, Alex had 5 and Ben had 4. Quinzale and Nick were the two highest in the first round as Nick had 10 and Q had 8. So Q and Nick advanced to the second round. In the second round, Q hit 8 and Nick had 5 so Quinzale won the three-point shootout.

Justin, Nick and Alex from DG all participated in the dunk contest. Each contestant had five dunks and had two attempts at each one. Three judges(Q Jeriah and Ben) awarded points to each contestant for each dunk. Alex won the contest with 46.5 points, Nick had 31.5 and Justin had 24. It was great to have some contestants for that! Please consider sending your dunkers to the competition next year.


It was a great night of fun and fellowship around the roundball. Next year we need to get more teams and players involved. But it was a great All-Star Night.

Good luck to everyone the rest of the way and we hope to see you at the luncheon next week. Please RSVP to Greg Spalding at or by phone or text (412-436-6907) by next Thursday the 10th so we have enough food for the luncheon after the championship game.

Here is a highlight reel from the night.

Updates & Playoff Schedule

Thanks to everyone who helped with the article in the Tribune last Thursday. I think the reporter did a really good job and you guys had some good
things to say. Thanks so much. I have a few extra copies so if anyone would like a hard copy of the article let me know and I’ll bring you one.
I’m very thankful for the article. It’s a great way to celebrate. I appreciate all you guys. Like Clint always says to his players and coaches, “I love you guys.” I appreciate the fellowship we share through basketball and the Lord. God bless all of you guys. It’s been a great year.

Results from Saturday

9:15(#9) FC 82 (#8)NC 80- This was a great game that was tied 40-40 at the half. Norris scored a basket with about five seconds left to win it.
It’s a shame someone had to lose this game. Sean had 35 and Norris 29 for FC; Ryan Gibson had 23, Chris Burrell 20 and Ben 13 for NC

10:45- (#7)PE 80 (#10)GB 69- Davon had 21, Brandon 18 and Brian 13 for PE; Brett Young had 23 for GB

12- (#6)SJF 2 (#11)LCP 0 LCP forfeited

1:30- (#5)AC 119 (#12) BP 86- Brian had 37, Shahif 32, Gullermo 19 and Gil 13 for AC; Steve Bannister Sr had 36, Chuck 28 and Greg Spalding 13 for BP;

All-Star Game- please send at least two players from your team for the game and three point shootout and dunk contest. You can send more if you want because sometimes we don’t have representatives from every team. The game starts at 7pm and then we have the three-point shootout and dunk contest afterwards.

Schedule for this Saturday’s quarterfinals- 4/5

9:15 (#1) CR vs (#9) FC
10:45 (#2) SMZ vs #7(PE)
12 (#3)HBC vs #6(SJF)
1:30 (#4) DG vs #5(AC)

Semifinals 4/10
6:45 and 8- The highest winning seed gets to pick his preference of time. So this will be announced after Saturday’s results.

Final- 4/12- Championship, Birthday party and luncheon

10 am- Championship
Then we will have the birthday party for the league, luncheon and hopefully a guest speaker 30 minutes after the game is over.
So please invite everyone you know to come to the championship and then to the luncheon afterwards. Just let me know how many are coming so I can make sure we have enough food. We will have catered food and hope to set up tables and eat right in the gym afterwards.