March 20th Results

6:45 CR 91 DG 72 – Geno Bianco had 27 and Mark Gates 20 for CR;

8 PE 131 LCP 73- Kareem had 30, Davon 28, Brandon and Devin 27 each and Brian 19 for PE; Josh Reading had 21 and Tim Austin 18 for LCP

We have at least one makeup game on Thursday 3/27, possibly two.
SMZ will play NC at 8pm on Thursday

We might not know the playoff pairings until after Thursday night’s game is over. We’ll have to see how things play out and then┬álet you know. There are a lot of teams still jockeying for position. I will make sure to let you know the final standings as soon as they become available.

Thanks so much.

The playoffs start next Saturday

9:15 8 vs 9
10:45 7 vs 10
12 6 vs 11
1:30 5 vs 12

We are working on the banquet. Let me know what you think. Consider inviting players from the past as well as the present.