Important Announcement for Feb 15th Games – From the Commissioner


I will probably miss the first four games this week so please don’t show up with 5 guys on each side or there might be no one to keep score.
It’s our anniversary so I have to let basketball take a back seat for one week.
Please try to start the games on time by getting your names in the book quickly, gathering for prayer and the devotional and then getting to the tip-off.
Anyhow, I will try to have the scoreboard and scorebook all set up. I will have the devotional as well. Please pick the reading for February 15th and read it before the prayer before each game.
As far as the scoreboard goes, remember that the score matches up with what team sits on each side. That makes it easier and eliminates confusion. The visitors are the team that sit on the visitors side of the scoreboard and vice versa. The in/out button starts and stops the clock.
Remember to set the clock for 24 minutes before each half and the clock runs except for shooting fouls and timeouts. It also stops for every whistle in the last minute of each half.
The scorebook is a little more complicated but not too bad. The key thing is to keep the cumulative score up top and then write in the score at halftime and at the end of the game in the boxes for 2nd quarter and 4th quarter.. You can keep the individual scoring with a 2 or x for a two-pointer, a 3 for a three and an empty circle for a missed foul shot and a colored in circle for a made foul shot. Make sure to keep track of the individual fouls for each player and then put the fouls below in team fouls because you shoot one on one at 7 and then two shots at 10 fouls. Make sure to get everyone in the book as soon as possible after each game ends. Remember that a player fouls out after six fouls.
I think I’ve covered everything but email me if you have questions.
God bless and I’ll see you at the gym.
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.