Championship Update, April 26th, 2018


AC 105 DG 90-  Marcus Smith 28, Bryan Spriggs 16, Damian Davenport and Bobby Robinson 13 each, Shahif 12 and Sean 11 for AC;  Matt Palo 35, Gage McCracken and Justin Felt 15 each for DG

     It was a rematch of one of the frequent matchups in Big Parkway East history, as DG, formerly Cornerstone, and AC met once again in the championship.  DG dominated the early going and lead much of the game.  AC then rallied and took control of the game.  It was an intense game, just like all the other meetings between the two teams.  Damian Davenport won the MVP for the game because he scored his 13 points in the late part of the game when DG attempted to rally.  Congratulations to both Lew McCracken and his team and Joe Oliver and his squad for getting to the championship.   Bobby Robinson reportedly will retire after this season so it was good to see him go out a winner.  Congratulations to Bobby and thanks for blessing the Big Parkway East with 28 years of your All-Star quality play.    Thanks to everyone in the league for making this year a special one.  Next year will be year #35 so we hope to have a lot of celebratory events and another outstanding season.

God bless and keep in touch.

    Before the game, we read the Scripture passage that is on the website, on Beulah’s shirts and on the trophies- I Corinthians 9.24-27.  Please take time to reflect on that passage in the offseason.

   Also,  Matt Palo of DG won the scoring title with a 30.11 ppg while Nate Wojo finished second at 27.0.

   Have a great offseason everyone.  After everyone left when the championship game was over, I felt an emptiness alone in the gym realizing  that there are no more games until next January.  I will miss talking to everyone. Wait till next year!!