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April 18th Updates – Championship

10 am   CR 111 SJF 100

In a championship game that matched the two best teams and that lived up to the pregame hype, Crossroads defeated St John Fisher by a count of 111-100.  The score was actually 109-100 but Greg Foster got a dunk at the buzzer for the final two points.  Crossroads lead 54-53 at the half and SJF actually lead much of the game.  Greg Foster had 35, Denny Dipasquale had 32 and Mark Gates had 30 for  CR.  Nate Wojiechowski, aided by a four-point play,  lead all scorers with 52 points and Andy Tressler chipped in with 29 markers.  In a move not unprecedented in basketball history, Nate Wojiechowski got the MVP Award for the game as he kept SJF in the game throughout.  His 52 points rank right up there with other great performances by Bobby Robinson(54) in the 1991 Final and Justin Felt(51) in 2006 in Big Parkway East history.  For all of you basketball historians out there, Jerry West won the NBA Finals MVP in 1969 even though the Lakers lost to the
Celtics in Bill Russell’s last year.  Other sports have also done the same thing as Bobby Richardson won the 1960 World Series MVP for the Yankees when they lost to the Pirates on Mazersoki’s homerun and Dallas Linebacker Chuck Howley got the MVP in Super Bowl V when the Cowboys lost to the Colts on Jim O’Brien’s last second field goal.  Nate’s performance truly justified his selection as the game’s MVP.

I want to thank the two teams for a great Final and I want to thank everyone who participated in making this season a great one.

God bless all of you in the offseason and I look forward to next year!

April 11th Updates

Before the game, Brett Young got the Scoring Champion Award for leading the league in scoring with a 34.09 average.  Congrats Brett!

9:15(5) PE 118(4)  GB 88  –  Devin had 25, Jeff Fisher 22 and Davon 20 for PE; Brett Young had 37 and Jim Roemer 14 for GB

10:45 (1)SJF 69 (8)FC 58-  Brian Shine had 20 Ray 18 and Mark 15 for SJF; Quinzelle had 21 for FC

Before the 12 noon game, Robert Bradley(#8) received the Most Sportsmanslike Player Award for this year as he combined a competitive spirit with a positive Christian spirit in a great way.  Interestingly enough, he once played defensive back at Pitt so he learned a lot of his defensive skills there.  This turned out to be the best game of the day as MSZ almost tied the game at the end on a three-pointer that went in and out of the hoop.

AC 69 SMZ 66  Tony had 20 for AC and Brandon had 22 for SMZ

1:30 (3)CR 115 (6)DG 87 – Mark Gates and Geno each had 26, Justin Gartner 22 and Greg Foster 20 for CR; Nick D had 22 Justin 19 and Gage 15 for DG

4/16 Final Four-Semifinals

6:45 (3)CR 110 (2)AC 92-  Gen0Bianco had 48 and Justin Gartner 30 for CR; Reese had 22 and Brian 19 for AC
8  (1) SJF 97  (5)PE 86  Nate Wojiechowski had 34, Andy 18 Mark 17 and Ray 16 for SJF; Devin had 24 and Clint 18 for PE

4/18   Championship Final
10 am (1) SJF vs (3)CR

April 4th Updates

All-Star Game – We will try again to have the All-Star Game- It will be at 7pm this Thursday, April 9th. Please send a couple of players to play in the game, participate in the three-point shootout and the dunk contest.

Lost and found – Players have left a lot of stuff this year at the games, including a pair of Jordans. I will put everything out this Saturday on the chairs nearest the door.  So please check if you left something and anything that isn’t claimed will be donated to the church rummage sale that will take place on May 15th and 16th in the church gym. Please feel free to come to the rummage sale to check it out.  You might find some bargains on some treasures!

Scoring champion and most sportsmanlike player – I will calculate the scoring champion by this Saturday and we will award that trophy to the top scorer either before or after his game.  We will also award the most sportsmanlike player as well, the player who best combines competitiveness with a positive Christlike character- the idea of combining humility and competitiveness.  Christ was humble but he was also competitive when he had to be.  We want to honor the players who combine those qualities in a positive way to be role models for the kids, fans, fellow players and others who attend our games.

Results from 4/4

9:15 (#8)FC 80 (#9)LCP 70
Chris had 27, Dejeaun 16 and Justin 15 for FC; Jon Austin had 29 and Tim Austin 18 for LCP

10:45(#7) SMZ 64(#10) BP 48
Mike Warner had 21, Dave Williams 18 and Ken 16 for SMZ; Charlie Ponce had 24 and Greg Spalding 16.

Playoff schedule

Quarterfinals 4/11-

9:15 #4(GB) vs #5(PE)
10:45 #1(SJF) vs #8(FC)
12 #2(AC) vs #7(SMZ)
1:30 #3(CR) vs #6(DG)

Semifinals 4/16-

TBD- the highest remaining seed gets to pick what time he prefers

Championship 4/18-
10 am

March 26th and 28th


PE 95 LCP 87     Devin Stephens and Davon Brooks had 24 and Clint Roche 20 for PE; Jon Austin had 37, Dave 14 and Tim 13 for        LCP

AC 92   DG 68       Shahif had 15, Brian 14 and Gil and Tony with 13 for AC; Nick I had 19 and Justin Felt 18 for DG

GB 77 FC 64   Brett Young had 33 and Jim Roemer 14 for GB; Steve Branch had 22and Irv 14 for FC
AC 93 PE 82    Maurice Jeter had 22 and Brian Wilson 20 for AC; Devin Stephens had 28 and Brandon 18 for PE
LCP 2  BP 0(forfeit)
SJF 94  SMZ 59  Nate Wojiechowski had 46 and Mark Allebach 23 for SJF; Brandon Harvey had 26 for SMZ
CR 126 DG 105     Justin Cartner had 44(including 14 three-pointers) Denny DiPasquale 38(including 10 three-pointers) and Geno Bianco had 38 points for CR; Justin Felt had 30 Nick D 27 and Alex and Nick I had 21 each for DG