April 4th Updates

All-Star Game – We will try again to have the All-Star Game- It will be at 7pm this Thursday, April 9th. Please send a couple of players to play in the game, participate in the three-point shootout and the dunk contest.

Lost and found – Players have left a lot of stuff this year at the games, including a pair of Jordans. I will put everything out this Saturday on the chairs nearest the door.  So please check if you left something and anything that isn’t claimed will be donated to the church rummage sale that will take place on May 15th and 16th in the church gym. Please feel free to come to the rummage sale to check it out.  You might find some bargains on some treasures!

Scoring champion and most sportsmanlike player – I will calculate the scoring champion by this Saturday and we will award that trophy to the top scorer either before or after his game.  We will also award the most sportsmanlike player as well, the player who best combines competitiveness with a positive Christlike character- the idea of combining humility and competitiveness.  Christ was humble but he was also competitive when he had to be.  We want to honor the players who combine those qualities in a positive way to be role models for the kids, fans, fellow players and others who attend our games.

Results from 4/4

9:15 (#8)FC 80 (#9)LCP 70
Chris had 27, Dejeaun 16 and Justin 15 for FC; Jon Austin had 29 and Tim Austin 18 for LCP

10:45(#7) SMZ 64(#10) BP 48
Mike Warner had 21, Dave Williams 18 and Ken 16 for SMZ; Charlie Ponce had 24 and Greg Spalding 16.

Playoff schedule

Quarterfinals 4/11-

9:15 #4(GB) vs #5(PE)
10:45 #1(SJF) vs #8(FC)
12 #2(AC) vs #7(SMZ)
1:30 #3(CR) vs #6(DG)

Semifinals 4/16-

TBD- the highest remaining seed gets to pick what time he prefers

Championship 4/18-
10 am