May 19, 2022 Championship Update

StE 122 CR 97- Breeze 30, Tim Planisis 28, Kordell 19, Jake B 17, Paul McQueen 16 and Ryan Cherry 12 for StE; Nick Miller 26, Mark Gates 21, Geno Bianco 14, Ben Mahtani 12 and Joe Wright 10 for CR

Before the game, the commissioner awarded Eric Breeze the George Gervin Award, named for the “Iceman” who won three straight scoring titles in the NBA in the 70’s,. as he won the scoring title with a 33.4 average. Gage McCracken finished second with a 30.8 mark and Nate Wojiechowski came in third with a 29.5 average. Eric Breeze and Nick Miller tied for the high point total this season as they both had 46-point games.
****See Commissioners Update about 2022 Scoring Champion.****

After the game, Eric Breeze won the MVP for scoring thirty points, collecting many important assists and playing strong defense. We all learned after the game that Eric was a teammate of DeJuan Blair’s at Schenley.

Anyhow, congratulations to Eric for winning the double honor of being the scoring champion and the MVP of the championship game. That doesn’t happen that often in our league.

It was a great season with the new backboards and rims.

Commissioner Spalding wants to thank everyone for a great season after a two-year layoff and he looks forward to our usual startup for our next regular season in January. Have a great offseason.

Also don’t forget that the book that was published- YOUR LIFE IS LIKE A BASKETBALL- is available either directly from me or on amazon. It includes many photos, stats and writeups of many teams and players in our league as well as sections on the ABA, NBA and missionary basketball in Central America etc. Let me know if you would like to be part of a missionary basketball team with Sports ambassadors someday.

Thanks again and we’ll see you all on the court in January!