Jan 4th Results

9:15-Crossroads 128 HBC 70 Matt Brunck had 21 points for HBC, Geno Bianco had 33, and Mark Gates and Greg Foster each had 23 for Crossroads

10:45-Pittsburgh East 101 Grace Baptist 72- Jimmy had 29 points for GB; Kareem Bey had 23 and Devin Stephens 21 for Pittsburgh East;

12- Sixth Mt Zion 101 Beulah 51- John Hollins had 15 for Beulah; C. Stephens had 22 and P. McLaughlin 21 for Sixth Mt Zion;

1:30- New Covenant 97 AC 79- Ben Mahtani had 25(seven 3’s) and so did Ryan Gibson for NC;¬†Bryan had 22 and Joe Oliver 21 for AC;

3-DG 82 FC 66- Lew McCracken scored his number as he had 23 markers, his son Gage had 21 and Jason Jasko also tallied 23 for DG; Sean Watkins had 17 for FC