Jan 25th Results

9:15  MSZ 116 GB 94  Stosh(33) and B. Harvey(26) for MSZ; Brett Young(48) for GB

10:45- NC 80 LCP 70- Tim Austin(22) and Jules(20) for LCP; Ben Mahtani(22) for NC

12- BR 89 PE 77-  M. Gates(23) for CR; Devin Stephens(27) for PE

1:30- SJF 73 HBC 71- SJF scored on a tip-in of a missed FT at the buzzer!- Andy Tressler(29) and Mark Allenbach(21) for SJF; Mike Rairigh(24) for HBC

3- AC 105 FC 91-  Gil(32) and Brian(25) for AC; Sean Watkins(32) and Jeriah(23) for FC