Feb 1st Results

9:15 SMZ 85 LCP 65 T. Stosh(28) and B. Harvey(18) for MSZ; Jules(16) and Josh(14)
for LCP

10:45 PE 86 FC 77- Devin(22) and Kareem(19) for PE; Quinzelle(20) and Norris(17) for FC

12 noon- GB 87 FC 72 –Jeremy(22), Sam(21) and Jimmy(19) for Gb; Jeriah(23) Sean(18) and Mike(15) for FC

1:30- Dg 86 SJF 78 – Gage(19), Sean M(18) and Lew(16) for DG; Andy Tressler(31) and Mark Allebach(21) for SJF

3- CR 114 AC 78- Gates(26) and Justin(24) for CR; Gil(35) for AC