Crossroads 65 St. Elizabeth 55
It was a low-scoring game as CR lead 36-31 at halftime.  It was a good matchup of two great passing teams and was well worth watching.
James Beadle scored 25, Geno Bianco had 23 and Greg Foster had 13 for Crossroads.  James Beadle won the MVP because he hit some key three-pointers in the first half and the key free throws down the stretch as StE tried to foul and get back in the game.
Jake Bronder had 16 while Tim P and Kordell each had 12 for St Elizabeth.  Congrats to both teams as it was a deeply competitive game with a good attitude of sportsmanship on both sides.

Thanks to the 12 teams and 136 players who participated in the 90 games we had this year!  It was a joy to be part of the league as I kept score for every game and truly enjoyed the pre and postgame conversations.  As Adam Holy of Crossroads declared, “This league is like a brotherhood.”  I honestly feel that and am proud to call you guys my brothers in the game of roundball and many of you are also brothers in the Lord!  God bless all of you and have a great offseason.

After the game, we had donuts and presented the trophies and medals to the winning team with the 33rd year inscribed along with I Corinthians 9.24-27.  Please take time to read that verse and reflect on it sometime.  It’s the reason I run the league and also the reason I give out trophies.
That verse is my life verse that keeps me going every day.

On top of that,  Nate Wojiechowski, also known as Wojo, of St John Fisher won the scoring title with a 34.5 ppg as James Beadle of Crossroads
finished second with an average of 30.3,  It’s interesting that they have both won MVP Awards in the Championship game.

Thanks again for playing.  It is a privilege being part of a league with so many talented players who are good guys.  I actually enjoyed watching you guys play more than the NCAA or the NBA!  I got to watch and keep score for 7 games every week!

Keep in touch.  I will let you know about the backboards and the book as well.